About me

Photography by  Jessica Simes

Photography by Jessica Simes



Hello! I'm lara -- maker behind CECILIA east/west. Since I was little I was always some kind of artist: always drawing, painting, creating. I took ceramics & sculpture in college in-between advertising classes when I needed a break from learning behind a computer screen. Everything from that point on felt different for me. Being able to create pieces with my hands and see them come to life is unlike any other. Each step of the creation process is transformative & magical. I grew up on the east coast but find myself drawn to the vibrant earthtone landscapes of the northwest, as well as gorgeous hues of ocean from the coasts. These colors & textures from different landscapes tend to find their way into my work creating pieces that are bright, fresh and earthy. The pieces I make are very much a result of how each step of the creation process makes me feel. Feelings of gratitude, strength, connection are what keeps me growing and wanting to create more.